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The truth of Moon Administration’s “Pro-Japan Exclusion” revealed by Shameless Kim Won-wung

On February 16, 2022, Chairman of the Heritage of Korean Independence (HKI), Kim Won-wung resigned under suspicion of misappropriating its proceeds for descendants of independence activists. An audit by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs revealed that he had embezzled tens of millions of won and spent it on clothes, haircutting, and massages, but it was shortly before an extra general assembly scheduled for his dismissal on the 18th that he finally stepped down from the post. In his statement, he still blamed the alleged misappropriation on his subordinates’ faults. He set up his family’s company in the HKI’s building to do business with public institutions by using even official documents bearing the Chairman’s seal of the HKI. Does he say all these were also carried out by the subordinates behind his back?

Mr. Kim also said on this day, “Failure to exclude Pro-Japan faction is a contradiction of the Korean ethnic community.” Those who were 20 years old in 1945 when Imperial Japan lost WWII will become 100 soon. Why does he repeat only “Pro-Japan faction” even now? Where in Korean society of the 21st century does he say they exist? Mr. Kim, who played central roles in the Democratic-Republican Party and the Civil Right Party during the military regime, was inaugurated as Chairman of the HKI in 2019 and became the first to sing “Jookchang-ga” or the “Song of Bamboo Spear” as if to return a favor to the Moon Jae-in administration. While denouncing Former President Rhee Syngman, Mr. An Ik-tae, and General Paik Sun-yup as “Pro-Japan traitors,” he lavishly gave various awards to Lawmaker Chu Mi-ahe and others in the administration as independence activists. However, Mr. Kim has turned out to be a shameless fellow who took advantage of their independence movement to line his own pockets.

President Moon has been exploiting the “Pro-Japan Exclusion” policy as a tool for managing the administration for five years. In 2019, the Democratic Party compiled a report stating that confrontations between the ROK and Japan would work to its advantage in a general election in the following year. Whenever a “controversy over judgment toward the administration’s failure” arises, the Blue House and the ruling party were fueling anti-Japanese feelings by calling out, “12 ships of General Yi Sun-sin,” “A matter to ‘raise an army in the case of justice’,” and “Boycott Tokyo 2020.” When the public got angry at the corruption of Lawmaker Cho Kuk, they also suddenly proclaimed an end to the ROK-Japan GSOMIA.

President Moon doesn’t seem to have any consistent policy. As soon as taking office, he virtually abandoned the ROK-Japan comfort women agreement, saying, “It must be renegotiated.” At the New Year press conference in 2021, however, he reversed his position 180 degrees in such a short time, saying that he recognized the agreement as an official one between two countries, whereas Japan didn’t change its stance in any way. He didn’t even explain why he took such a modest attitude toward Japan. The Moon administration has pushed away whoever proposed diplomatic solutions to the issues between the two nations, calling them “local Japanese.” Then, President Moon who emphasized a “diplomatic solution” in 2021 is a “local Japanese,” isn’t he? He humbly approached Japan to suggest that they invite Kim Jong-un to put on a North-South show at Tokyo 2020. In fact, Japan didn’t accept Moon’s low profile.

The Moon administration applauded when Kim Won-wung said abusively, “Successive governments of the ROK were all anti-ethnic and pro-Japanese.” Presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung called Mr. Kim “the big brother of the Korean Independence.” But, he has not comment Mr. Kim’s shameful behaviors so far. This is the truth of the five-year Moon administration’s “Pro-Japan Exclusion” policy.


[사설] 파렴치 김원웅이 드러낸 文 정권 ‘친일 몰이’의 민낯

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