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Korean Nuclear Society:"Radiation impact is insignificant from Fukushima contaminated water release"

The Korean Nuclear Society, that consists of nuclear experts, urged in its press statement on April 26 to refrain from creating excessive fear against the release of contaminated water from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant.

“As a result of analyzing the impact of treated water release from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant,” the Korean Nuclear Society said, “We have found the radiation impact is estimated to be insignificant even under conservative assumption that all the water stored at the plant is released into the sea over the course of a year instead of releasing it little by little over 30-40 years along the Japanese Government policy.”

After analyzing the time for the contaminated water to reach the Korean waters, taking into effect the dilution effect by seawater, the Society estimated that the radiation exposure to the Korean people is just one 300 millionth of the annual dosage limit for the general public (1mSv).

“We need additional verification, because the data is based on Japanese analysis, but the exposure dose is negligible,” the Society said. “There are many cases in history where scientific facts were ignored, taken over by fake news and political agitation, and the damage caused by those cases are significant. Mad cow disease and bird flu are some such cases.”

“Though the nuclear industry in Korea has the world’s highest level of technology, it has fell into a moribund state due to the excessive radiation fear after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster,” the Society added, for emphasis. “Exaggerating radiation risks cannot be used as an excuse for justification of denuclearization policy.”


Yonhap News Agency (April 26th, 2021) (Korean original)

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